Test NB-IoT* and Cat-M1** devices in all frequency bands

Key Features of Nutaq PicoLTE IoT

  • Supports M1&NB-IoT devices*
  • Proven compatibility with M1 & NB-IoT devices from over 5 manufacturers
  • Test multiple devices simultaneously (performance guaranteed up to 5 devices)*
  • Supports non-IP mode (NB-IoT)*
  • Suitable for both radiated and conducted environments (over-the-air & RF cables)
  • Compliant with 3GPP LTE release 13
  • Test devices & connected objects in real-time
  • Test on a private network for a fraction of the cost of standard test & measurement equipment
  • Connect multiple eNodeBs and build a network
  • Supports signaling/traces for cell search  and attach/detach procedures*
  • Supports FDD & TDD Spectrum
  • -8 dBm maximum transmission power built-in & support for external power amplifier (external GPIOs)**
  • Onsite and online training available
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PicoLTE IoT Kit

Perform tests such as:

  • Sensors Data Aggregation tests*
  • Protocol stack functional & performance tests*
  • Throughput & latency tests
  • Handover testing
  • Power saving modes testing & optimization with complete control over all the parameters of the network**
    • Validate PSM, verify device stays registered
    • Wake up commanded by device
    • Wake up on tracking area update (TAU) parameter expiration
    • Support eDRX cycles from 2.56 to 9.22
  • Radio link performance test**
    • Coverage Enhancement & Repeating Transmission testing

What’s included in this LTE IoT Kit:

  • PicoLTE Network-in-a-box
  • Linux binaries
  • 2×2 LTE 5 dBi Omni Antenna Kit

Schema Block

PicoLTE IoT Schema Block

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*Test Sequencer and API planned for Release 1.5 – March 31st, 2018

Recommended IoT Application Boards


u-blox C030 module

u-blox C030: NB-IoT starter kit for rapid prototyping

  • Quick prototyping with Arm® Mbed™ on integrated host CPU
  • Simple testing of positioning applications with integrated GNSS
  • Ideal for ultra low power designs and compact form factors
  • Easily capture sensor data with Arduino® shields
  • Compatible with u‑blox Bluetooth and Wi‑Fi modules

The board is powered by an integrated, Arm®Mbed™ compatible Cortex‑M4 host CPU with 1 MB FLASH and 256 kB RAM, leaving ample space for software development and debugging.

Cost-Effective and Affordable

Positionning of Nutaq PicoLTE IoT vs alternative solutions


*  Planned for upcoming Release 1.5 – March 31st, 2018

** In product roadmap