Legal name

The legal name of the company in Canada is written:


Nutaq Incorporated


Nutaq Inc.
Nutaq Inc.
Nutaq Inc.
Nutaq Inc.

Please do not use a comma as follows:

Nutaq, Incorporated

Signature & Logo

Nutaq’s signature is Nutaq’s logo, an outline of a Möbius loop with the word “Nutaq” to the right side of the logo. There are no alternatives. Use the entire signature, not the logo alone..

Using “Nutaq” as a trade name

Avoid confusion between using “Nutaq” as a trade name and using “Nutaq” as a trademark. If you are referring to the company, you are using “Nutaq” as a trade name and you can use the possessive. If you are using “Nutaq” to modify a generic noun that refers to Nutaq’s products or services, you are using it as a trademark™a trademark is not used with the possessive.

Used as a trade name

Nutaq’s trademarks

Used as a trademark

Nutaq SignalMaster Quad

Nutaq product development services

To show Nutaq as the source of any trademarked goods or services, use the possessive of our trade name before one of our trademarks followed by the necessary generic noun. For example, Nutaq’s ADACMaster III add-on module.

Where the reader can make the connection to Nutaq from the rest of the communication, you may omit the trade name from before the trademark and let the trademark stand alone with its generic noun. Alternately, you can refer to Nutaq’s trademarked products and services as being “made by Nutaq” or “developed by Nutaq”. It is also acceptable to refer to

Nutaq’s trademarked products and services as being “from” or “by” Nutaq.

Avoid using the trademark form “Nutaq” before one of our other trademarks.


Nutaq’s ADACMaster III add-on module

ADACMaster III add-on module

The ADACMaster III from Nutaq.


Nutaq ADACMaster III module

Attribution of trademarks in literature

The law provides others the right to use Nutaq’s trademarks. We at Nutaq ask that when you use our marks, you do so properly and attribute the ownership of the marks to Nutaq.

The attribution Nutaq’s trademarks should appear in a footnote indicating that the word, name, symbol, or device used in the literature piece is a trademark and attributing the ownership of that mark to Nutaq.

For example, the footnote for Nutaq’s trademarks can read as follows:

_____________ is a trademark of Nutaq.

“Incorporated” is omitted from the attribution line.

In special situations where all the trademarks are exclusively Nutaq’s trademarks or many trademarks are used, and there is a limited amount of space for the attribution, you may use the following attribution line:

All trademarks are the property of Nutaq.

List of trademarks

The following is a list of Nutaq’s trademarks, trade names, logos, and names of associated goods and services (“trademarks”) appearing throughout this Web site (note that this is not exhaustive). These trademarks must not be altered in any manner, distorted, or used in any way that is detrimental to Nutaq’s image or reputation. Nutaq does not represent or warrant that its trademarks do not infringe the rights of other persons or entities. The absence of a trademark in the list below does not constitute a partial or full waiver by Nutaq of its intellectual property rights in relation to any such trademark. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as granting, explicitly or implicitly, any license or other right to use any of the trademarks owned or used by Nutaq other than in accordance with the terms contained herein.


4-WaveTMDevelopment solution
µDigitizerTMDevelopment solution
µSDR420TMDevelopment solution
ADACMaster IIITMAdd-on module
ADACSyncTMSynchronization board
ADPTMDevelopment platforms
ADSTMDevelopment solutions
Advanced development platform(s)TMDevelopment platforms
Advanced development solution(s)TMDevelopment solutions
Board software development kitTMSoftware development kit
BSDKTMSoftware development kit
DRCTMAdd-on module
LYRIOTMI/O interface
LYRIO+TMI/O interface
MBDKTMSoftware development kit
MestorTMDebugging interface
Model-based design kitTMSoftware development kit
PADKTMDevelopment board
PerseusTMDevelopment platform
Pro VisionTMDevelopment solution
Professional Audio Development KitTMDevelopment board
Radio420XTMRF front end
RapidCHANNELTMI/O interface
RAVeTMAdd-on module
SignalMaster DualTMDevelopment board
SignalMaster QuadTMDevelopment board
Twin Tunable RF TransceiverTMRF front end
Twin WiMAX RF TransceiverTMRF front end
VHS-ADCTMDevelopment board
VHS-DACTMDevelopment board