Nutaq FMCs Board Support Package (BSP) reference designs

The following reference designs are aimed at Nutaq customers who are using Nutaq FMC modules on third party FMC carrier card(s).

For customers using Nutaq carrier card(s), the FMC interfaces & drivers are already provided with the standard BSDK/MBDK software development tools.

Using the password(s) you have received with your Nutaq FMC card, you can download the corresponding BSP reference design(s) in the table below.  For further information regarding Nutaq’s BSP  reference designs, click here.



FMC BSP Reference designs for various FMC carriers
Xilinx ML605


Xilinx ML605




Radio420x FMC Module (ZeptoSDR)DownloadDownloadDownload
ADAC250 FMC ModuleDownloadN/A
MI125 FMC ModuleDownloadN/A
LVDS xIn xOut FMC ModuleDownloadN/A
MI250 FMC ModuleDownloadN/A


Stay tuned for new BSP reference designs which will support different FMC carriers.