Massive MIMO 5G Migration Strategy
 TitanMIMO Series Configurations


Modular RF to Support 5G Research

Using a replaceable VITA 57 FMC radio module, the TitanMIMO-4 series is equipped with Radio420M software defined tunable radios (eg. WiFi & LTE) which are replaceable to support the bandwidth and RF tuning ranges required for 5G and millimeter waves.

Scalable, Mesh-Enabled Baseband Processing

With a central baseband processing engine that can scale from a single, powerful Virtex-6 (Perseus 6113) up to clusters of 8 or more (Kermode-XV6), the TitanMIMO-4 testbed series presents developers with the processing power needed to enable scalable algorithm development without the risk of hardware limitations.

TitanMIMO Series Model Comparison Chart

ModelRF SynchronizationTuning Range (GHz)Over-The-Air Bandwidth (MHz)Central Baseband ProcessingAvailability
TitanMIMO-4SPhase Locked0.3 – 3.828Single FPGANow
TitanMIMO-4DPhase Locked0.3 – 3.828Distributed Cluster FPGANow
TitanMIMO-6SPhase Aligned0.07 – 633Single FPGAContact Sales
TitanMIMO-6DPhase Aligned0.07 – 656Distributed Cluster FPGAContact Sales
TitanMIMO-90DPhase Aligned30 – 90> 100Single FPGAContact Sales
TitanMIMO-XDUser DefinedUser Defined250Distributed Cluster FPGANow


TitanMIMO Series System Throughputs 

Real-Time, Over-The-Air Bandwidth (MHz)

Throughput Per RF Channel (Gbps)100×100 System Throughput (Gbps)Proposed systemSystem Throughput (Gbps)
1002.64264TitanMIMO-90D  512 1

Note1: Requires 2x Kermode for central processing unit.