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Reference Designs

Nutaq reference designs are efficient FPGA-based PHY layer aimed for next generation high bandwidth telecommunication standards. Developed for Nutaq's SDR systems, these reference designs provide affordable solutions for WiMAX, MIMO-OFDM communications, and soon for LTE 4G standard.



Nutaq SDR (Software Defined Radio) and DAQ (Data acquisition and storage) system solutions provide mixed-signal and FPGA-based digitial signal processing solutions for a broad range of applications in defense, wireless and scientific market. On top of our standard board software development kit (BSDK), our model base design software integration (MBDK) to MATLAB/Simulink and Xilinx System […]


Nutaq offers the most perfomant range of FMC, AMC, ATCA, cPCI or Stand Alone products in the industry. From RF Transceivers, high speed ADCs to FPGA/DSP based boards, Nutaq's open standard form factors boards provides you with a flexible and modular approach that allows you to customize your own system or to use its board […]