Pennsylvania State University

"With MathWorks tools and Nutaq technology, we have an integrated solution that allowed us to prototype very quickly without programming our FPGAs at a low level." - Sven G. Bilén, Associate Professor, Pennsylvania State University

University of Oulu

"The use of the Nutaq Radio420S radio card as a wireless transceiver on the software defined platform is very interesting because of the wide frequency range, on-the-fly possibility to change the bandwidth and other state-of-the-art features that it offers." - Tuomo Hänninen, Centre for Wireless Communications

UCLA Crump Institute

"The reprogrammability of the MBDK gives us enough flexibility for testing which lets us try different algorithms and come back to the starting point without any additional costs, while saving us time as well." - Arion Chatziioannou, professor at UCLA in Molecular & Medical Pharmacology

FIT CorteXlab

"Nutaq's PicoSDR will enable CorteXlab users to prototype highly computational PHY layer such as wideband MIMO OFDM and to design cooperative transmission techniques in a multi-node real time environment with perfect interference control." - Jean-Marie Gorce, Project Head

École de technologie supérieure

"Nutaq PicoSDR and ZeptoSDR, through their Radio420x FMC, are the only GNU Radio-based platform we know that provide the RF dynamic range required in avionics applications (greater than 60 dB) compared to common low end USRP solutions." - René Landry Jr, Professor

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