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New Whitepaper – A 100×100 Massive MIMO Testbed Based on xTCA Standards

A unique 100×100 Massive MIMO testbed based on telecom standards has been developed which solves the previous wideband over-the-air RF-to-baseband processing channel aggregation bottleneck present in shared, fixed backplane or network testbed architectures, while presenting a scalable RF and baseband processing strategy towards 5G. 

Massive MIMO researchers can now design, simulate, and test algorithm performance under real-world conditions, targeting the entire suite of […]

New Paper – Two-Layer Linear Processing for Massive MIMO on the TitanMIMO Platform


Sebastien Roy at Université de Sherbrooke examines Massive MIMO advanced approach which minimize system cost and complexity while maintaining performance required for 5G ultimate deployment scenarios.

Some of the presented findings include:

Use of MMSE and ZF on a two-layer processing scheme to reduce Massive MIMO system costPerformance comparisons of such approachPrototyping on a real-time Massive MIMO […]

New Paper – Design and Implementation of Wideband Spectrum Sensing on SDR Platform With Receiver Calibration

Researchers at the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique examine detection algorithms and their implementations for wideband cognitive radio networks using Nutaq's PicoSDR platform.

Some of the presented findings include:

Comparison of algorithm performance with and without performing calibration of the Nutaq PicoSDR platform.Evaluation of the robustness of the considered detection algorithms against noise variance uncertainty and […]

3GPP Radio Prototyping Using Nutaq Radio420X

In this paper we cover:

3GPP radio design and prototyping when using the Nutaq Radio420X FPGA mezzanine card (FMC)
The most critical radio requirements as they relate to 3GPP radio conformance testing, namely TS 51.021 (GSM) and TS 36.141 (LTE)

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Using TCM Techniques to Decrease BER Without Bandwidth Compromise

In this paper we cover:

Why trellis coded modulation (TCM) is used in wireless systemsTCM set partitioningCoding gainBit error rate simulations

The Use of MicroTCA Based Data Acquisition Systems in Linear Accelerators

In this paper, we investigate the use of MicroTCA-based data acquisition systems in high-energy physics applications, namely linear accelerators (linacs). MicroTCA data acquisition systems are used for two key functions within linacs: low-level radio frequency (LLRF) control systems and beam position monitoring (BPM).

Download the paper here.

Advanced MIMO Waveform Deployment Using GNU Radio

In this paper we cover:

 Benefits to be realized by targeting mixed PC-FPGA architectures
The advantages of developing using GNU Radio and Model Based Design solutions such as Simulink and System Generator
Using Nutaq’s SDR (Software Defined Radio) systems to deploy your waveforms on proven, integrated hardware solutions