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Technical Article

Drexel Develops a Software Defined Communication Testbed Using Nutaq Radios

SDR platforms that are widely available to the academic and industrial research community sometimes have limitations like:

Insufficient data rates
Lack of programming flexibility when implementing new algorithms proposed by the communications and signal processing community
Absence of alternatives to radio-frequency based communications

To address these limitations, Drexel Wireless Systems Laboratory (DWSL) has developed a cohesive and affordable Software Defined […]

Prototyping a MIMO W-CDMA system using a system-level approach

This paper describes the development and proto-typing of a MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple Output) wireless link designed to operate under the WCDMA third generation cellular standard.

The said development is performed in an integrated, system-level fashion on a DSP/FPGA development platform, the Nutaq SignalMaster. The first part of the paper will succintly describe the evolution and the […]

VHS-ADC-DAC Positron Emission Tomography


Positron emission tomography (PET)is an imaging technique documented since 1950 and mainly used to produce three-dimensional images of bodies using specialized scanners (see figure below).

PET is a mix of nuclear and biochemical analysis that provides information about functions and metabolism of the body’s organs, in contrast to computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), […]

Using FPGAs In Multichannel DAQ Systems

In this article we cover:

The benefits presented by using FPGAs for parallel processing in high channel count systems
A typical multichannel DAQ system view
The advantages of using a model-based design approach for multichannel DAQ system design

Offloading GNU Radio Processing With FPGA Logic

In this article we cover:

Offloading the processing being done on the CPU onto an FPGA (Xilinx Virtex-6
A step-by-step example of implementing a Digital Up-Converter (DUC) inside the FPGA.
Using a model-based design environment, including Simulink and Xilinx System Generator for DSP, to accelerate the entire process.
Actual results of the FPGA port running on Nutaq’s hardware (Perseus […]