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TitanMIMO Massive MIMO Testbeds

In this slide deck we cover:

Various configurations of Nutaq's TitanMIMO Massive MIMO testbed seriesIndividual hardware comprising TitanMIMORemote radio headsA/D and D/A samplersFPGA-based central processing engines


DIY OFDM Session

In this slide deck we cover:

Understanding the relationship between OFDM theory and practiceStarting from a Matlab script through to automatic HDL code/bitstream generationIntroduction to Nutaq’s PicoSDR hardware and softwareCreating host applications to exchange data with the PicoSDR in real-time

A MicroTCA LTE Enterprise Femto Base Station Demonstrator

A slidedeck of a presentation given at the Advanced/Micro TCA Summit by Tim Summers, European Networking Products Division Manager, Freescale.

Nutaq’s Perseus 601X appears on slide 12 and onwards.

PicoSDR Goes GNU Radio

In this slide deck we cover:

Using Model-Based Design tools for both host & FPGA Development (GNU Radio, Simulink, SysGen & Nutaq’s MBDK software framework)
Introduction to Nutaq’s PicoSDR, a MIMO enabled software defined radio solution with a tunable, calibrated RF and Virtex-6 FPGA
Developing and deploying your waveforms on a PC/FPGA mixed architecture